If you are claiming mileage for the use of your personal vehicle for business purposes, you must keep a mileage log indicating the odometer readings, the miles driven, the purpose for the trip(s) and the date(s) of travel.


If you are currently receiving payments from the sale of real estate or a business and would like to cash in on those payments, we can help.

We match clients with investors who buy seller-financed mortgages, lease purchase agreements and deeds of trust written on real estate, security agreements or business assets.

How would you like to receive a lump sum of cash now rather than wait years and years to collect all those monthly payments?

Whether you need the full value of your note instrument now or simply a small portion, let us help in developing a plan for you.

Factoring Receivables

Has there ever been a time when your company was short of cash even though you were doing a lot of business? The #1 reason for business failure in the U.S. today is lack of working capital. We can make sure you never have to face that problem.

Many times the credit terms you offer your customers can create problems for you later when you have to pay your own bills. How much more efficiently could your business operate if all your accounts were paid C.O.D.?

We will analyze your financial needs and resources and find the working capital you need for your business to run at optimal levels. With accounts receivable or invoice factoring, you can collect payment on your receivables as soon as you send out your invoices. We can also assist you in finding capital to fulfill the purchase orders that you have received.

Call us today, and never let a lack of working capital slow your business down again.
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